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Intelligent Security

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Setting a New Standard for Security

Hybrid-cloud technology leverages the latest in AI and edge-based computing to replace obsolete equipment in commercial settings.

Seamlessly track important events including the movement of people, equipment, packages and vehicles all with minimal setup and quick installation.

What makes us different

Our solution-oriented approach has always been and will always stay, vendor agnostic.

We're here to unpack and solve complex security problems, not up-sell inadequate solutions.

Our engineering team provides comprehensive project assessment to determine the needs of your business and works with you closely to plan, develop, and deploy the security solution that’s right for your unique application.
We offer on-site and remote facility walk-throughs using blueprints, photos, drawings and satellite imagery. We provide these services free of charge as it is necessary for our engineers to have a clear picture of your organization. This includes drafting of needs assessments met with platform-agnostic solutions.
For clients with complex technology or elaborate security requirements, our engineers have extensive integration expertise in enterprise security & IT technologies, allowing them to effectively and efficiently tie systems together to function at scale.

Seamlessly Secure Your Space

Physical security driven by the cloud. Built for simplicity, reliability and limitless scale.

Have instant access to realtime feeds for your cameras, smart sensors, and tagged devices directly from the web or on any of your smart devices.


Hybrid-Cloud Video Security

Monitor all cameras from a centralized web-based platform and seamlessly scroll through live footage to monitor or pin-point events.

Receive alerts for unusual activity, persons of interest, and vehicle detection via license plate and facial recognition.

Dome Cameras

Bullet Cameras

4K Dome Cameras

Compact Cameras

360 / Fisheye Cameras

Dome Cameras

Compact Dome Cameras

360 / Fisheye Cameras

4K Dome Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras

AC41 Door Controller

AC41 Door Controller

AD31 Door Reader

Visualize your deployment


Secure Your Pathways

Realtime key-card access control that secures open paths in your organization.

Conveniently view realtime video of all doors, unlock locations remotely, view historical footage of door-based events, and manage access levels from a single web interface.

Alarm Panel

Alarm Panel


Alarms and Professional Monitoring

Secure infrastruture with 24/7 professional monitoring services that leverage existing cloud-based surveillance deployments.

Have licensed professionals monitor your ecosystem to actively respond and deescalate potential security threats.

AIO Environmental Sensor

Powerful all-in-one environmental sensor for monitoring environmental changes across your facilities. Temperature, PM 2.5, TVOC, Vape Detection, Air Quality Index, Humidity, Noise and Motion monitoring capabilities.

Asset Tags

Powerful asset tracking capabilities combined with video footage for enhanced situational awareness. Connects automatically to the nearest camera and can be attached to any asset to issue alerts for arrival, departure, or general movement.

Door Sensors

Entry monitoring capabilities combined with video footage to provide insight when a door, window, or entry point has been opened. Connects automatically to the nearest camera and can be attached anywhere to issue alerts when an entry point has been breached or left vulnerable.

Environmental Sensors

Powerful temperature and humidity monitoring capabilities combined with video footage to provide insight when issues arise in temperature-sensitive areas. Connects automatically to the nearest camera and can be attached anywhere to issue alerts when an environment reaches abnormal levels.

Motion Sensors

Motion-sensing capabilities that provide real-time occupancy data and alerts for detected motion. Can be installed anywhere, especially in areas where cameras are not needed or permitted, to ensure privacy and enable users to monitor movement across locations smoothly and efficiently.


Know Your Environment

Monitor any environment to ensure temperature and air-quality sensitive areas are in-check.

Sensors can be paired with cameras to track and issue events in response to sensor alerts. This includes door sensors, environmental sensors, and motion sensors.


Real-Time Asset Location

Asset tracking combined with video evidence. No device software to deal with. No difficult configurations required. Simple to deploy, manage and use every day.

Receive alerts in real-time when assets change location and track those movements with linked camera footage.

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