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Full-fledged cloud surveillance, security and keyless entry that protects the modern home and those inside.|


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Rhombus Systems
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It's time to ditch the traditional home security cameras.

The technology you use to protect your home and those inside should be reliable, adaptive, trustworthy and efficient.

In our technologically progressive world, home security should remain a major priority, however, over the last 10 years providers have lagged behind.

We offer modern cloud-based home surveillance solutions that approach ease-of-use, protection, and efficiency as key priorities — because they should be.

Don't settle for less when it comes to protection.

Hybrid cloud technology leverages the latest in AI to replace obsolete security and surveillance equipment in and around your home.

You no longer have to sacrifice features and functionality for convienient security. Most existing products boast great technology and features but rarely deliver.

We're here to change that.

Sit back and let the technology do the work for you.

Seemlessly track important events so that you can quickly respond before potential situations occur. All you need is power and an internet connection.

Proactively monitor areas for movement, people, vehicles, and unusual behavior, and receive text or email notifications for events on any device.

Observe in real-time, view stored video up to 365 days, and archive video clips with unlimited cloud-based storage.

Maintain a watchful eye where it matters most.

Physical security for your home, driven by the cloud. Built for simplicity, reliability and limitless scale.

Instantly access real-time feeds for your cameras, access controlled doors, and sensors directly from the web or on any of your smart devices.

No more headaches, just efficient and effective security.

Cloud Video Security

Monitor all of your home cameras from a single screen and seemlessly scroll through real-time footage to monitor or pin-point events.

Proactively search camera footage based on specific criteria and attributes and preserve important footage with unlimited cloud-based video archiving.

Receive real-time alerts for unusual activity, persons of interest, and specific vehicle detection via license plate recognition.

Dome Cameras

For use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Person of interest support. 5 MP Resolution, Optical Zoom.

Bullet Cameras

For use in outdoor environments. License plate recognition and person of interest support. 5 PM Resolution, 3X Optical Zoom.

AC41 Door Controller

AC41 Door Controller

AD31 Door Reader

Visualize the ins and outs of your home.

Keyless Door Entry

Real-time keyless entry for any door in your home. Set access codes, scan a key card, or use your mobile phone as a pass for immediate unlock & entry.

Conveniently view realtime video of all doors, unlock locations remotely, view historical footage of door-based access events, and manage it all through a single web interface.

AIO Environmental Sensor

Powerful all-in-one environmental sensor for monitoring environmental changes inside your home. Temperature, Air Quality, PM 2.5, TVOC, Vape Detection, Humidity, Noise and Motion monitoring capabilities.

Door Sensors

Entry monitoring capabilities combined with video footage to provide insight when a door, window, or entry point has been opened. Connects automatically to the nearest camera and can be attached anywhere to issue alerts when an entry point has been breached or left vulnerable.

Environmental Sensors

Powerful temperature and humidity monitoring capabilities combined with video footage to provide insight when issues arise in temperature-sensitive areas. Connects automatically to the nearest camera and can be attached anywhere to issue alerts when an environment reaches abnormal levels.

Motion Sensors

Motion-sensing capabilities that provide real-time occupancy data and alerts for detected motion. Can be installed anywhere, especially in areas where cameras are not needed or permitted, to ensure privacy and enable users to monitor movement across locations smoothly and efficiently.

Smart Environmental Sensors

Monitor air-quality, temperature and humidity changes in specific areas or the entirety of your home.

Sensors can be paired with cameras to track and notify you of specific events. A notification can be sent along with a video clip of what triggered the alert, all to your mobile phone or email. Always know where and how things happen.

Automated Gate Kit

Entrance Gate

Mounted Control & Power Panels

Remote Gate Openers

Automated Gate & Fence Systems

Heavy duty automated gate systems used to secure the perimiter entrances and exits of your residential use-case.

Direct integrations with keyless entry and camera systems. Wired or wireless-solar. Installations provided.

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